What is Schema? | How Does Effects in Ranking to Bring More Traffic

Simply Definition of Schema:

The schema is a Structured Data markup Language Developed by GYM (Google, Yahoo, Microsoft’s Bing), Which are used  to
1. Deploy a small script coding into web-pages to let Search Engines better understand the content of your website.
2. Develop the appearance of SERP Results to Attract and Bring More Traffic to our Website.

Sources to Get Full Details of Schema



2. developers.google.com

Link: https://developers.google.com/search/docs/guides/intro-structured-data

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Why We Use Schema.

We mention in above Definition that We Implement the schema to help Search Engine Bots in Indexing and Ranking Process & to get Additional Attraction to Our SERP Results so that there are more chances to get Highest no. of users which increase the Organic CTR  of our website with comparing to our Competitors. Attraction makes a clickable action with Internet Users.

1st USE Example: When we are adding a schema (Nothing but a coding) to our web-pages we are telling to the search Engine’s bots that a Web-Page is Belongs to  Business Category / Content Types/ Others. So Search Engine Bots can Efficiently understand the content of the web-page Easily And Try to Boost the Keyword Positions as soon as the page get indexing. Hence Google and/or Other search Engines Encourages Developers to Implement Schema on Websites. Because Search Engines Wants to Deliver the Accurate and Exact results for the people who search for information on Search Engines. So to provide the Accurate Results to the users, Search Bots should Efficiently Crawl and Understand the Content of Web-Page/ Website. Through the schema, Search engine bots can easily understand and analyze the Content and/or Services of a web-page/Website

2st USE Example: Assume that an internet user searching for a Book DigitalBlog.Net. After Searching for the book, there are 10 SERP Results come up in First Page. Assume 1st Result is a Normal Page which was not Implemented in any schema. and 2nd Results which is implemented by a Rating Schema (Rating Stars under the title). So Most of the internet users are willing to click on the first link that comes in First Place. But here there are more chances to get clicks on the second result you will find a good Rating star (4.5 out of 5). So the additional Attraction (Here example Rating) may lead so many clicks even though if your Keywords positions are not in the top.

So to Get Additional Attraction in SERP we have to implement Schema.

Examples of Schema Reflection:

Schema Reflection is nothing but what reflection we are getting by adding it’s respective schema type.

1.Aggregate Rating,

2.Image & Video Bottom of Title

3.Logo in Google Knowledge Graph,

4.Social Media Profiles in Google Knowledge Graph

5.Search Box

We have Plenty Schema Types, Just go over to Schema.org and click on  Schemas And click on Full List types. Show on one Page, Here you can Find a lot of Schema types.

Every Schema Types has its own Individuality.  if You want to Show Star Rating on your SERP Results, you have to go over Aggregate Rating. Choose the Best Suitable Code and implement on your Website. The Reflection of your schema, i.e. Stars come up with your SERP Listing once they were Recognized or Indexed by Search Engine Bots. In Some Cases (Ex: Logo, Social Profiles on Knowledge Graph, Search Box ) may not come up with SERP Results Even though if you install it very well. The cause might be your Site may not Eligible For That type of Schema. So we can Understand here that every Schema may not give you Proper Look&Feel in SERP Results until and unless your site is eligible for that type of schema.

Note: So every schema that we implement on our website may not give you proper reflection because of your site may not eligible for that type of Schema Practices.

Hint: Use the below link to check is your Website Eligible for Schema Implementation. Note: This site is still in Beta version as of the date this article written. This site might be fully flexed in future. Though I am placing the Link Below.

Types of Markup Languages We use in Schema Implementation:

Basically, We have Three Types of Markup Languages which we use to Implement Schema on our Website.

  1. JSON-LD   2.Micordata   3.RDFa

Note: Google Loves and Recommended Script is JSON-LD. We recommend you to use JSON-LD, Rather than Microdata, RDFa.

How to Implement Schema

Actually, We can Implement Schema in 3 ways

  1. with Coding
  2. Semi Coding
  3. Without Coding

Here we will Teach you Briefly How You Can Easily Implement Schema in Step by Step. Click the Below Links to Get the Process of Schema implementation.

Implementation of Schema with Coding

Implementation of Schema with Semi Coding

Implementation of Schema without Coding




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